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Our donors make it all possible. You help us create and distribute a highly ambitious, timely, and critically important film. You help us introduce international audiences to the music of purged Russian composer Alexander Mosolov, through ancillary concert events. And you help us pay our film crew and musicians a fair and living wage.

We have come a long way in the past 18 months (check out our work-in-progress trailer, above). And now it’s time to finish what we started. That’s why we’re asking for your help. We have just begun the critical final stage of our fundraising campaign. Upon its successful completion, we will move on to the final stretch of location filming and then post-production. Along the way, we will continue to premiere rediscovered music (as we did in January 2019) and to make scores and recordings available to the public.

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It’s 100% Tax-Deductible.

Early on, filmmaker Matthew Mishory and producers Max Gutbrod and Alvaro Fernandez made an important decision about what kind of project Mosolov’s Suitcase would be. Through 510(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship, the team opted for a non-profit model. This has allowed us to prioritize cinematic and musical creativity, free from outside commercial or political influences. Today, we feel more strongly than ever that our project’s themes (free speech, individual freedom in the face of state power, forgotten music, and the reevaluation of cultural history) matter. We hope you do, too.

Our non-profit status allows you to take advantage of a tax deduction when you support the project. Contributions to Mosolov’s Suitcase are fully tax deductible under U.S. Federal ID 95-2540759.

Share in the Credit.

Credit where it’s due: our supporters make this unique and ambitious project possible. That’s why we would love to see you in our on-screen credits. Here’s how it works:

Opening Credits:
$250,000 level - “Executive Producer” credit.
$150,000 level - “Co-Executive Producer” credit.
$75,000 level - “Co-Producer” credit.
$50,000 level - “Associate Producer” credit.

Closing Credits:
$10,000 level - “With the Support of” credit (shared card, special placement).
$5,000 level - “Special Thanks” credit (list card).

Interested in a cameo? Featured extra roles are available, in both our Southern California and Moscow shoots:
$7,500 level - Credited, with a character name.
$5,000 level - Credited, no character name.

Let’s do this together. We can’t wait to hear from you.